Welcome to Spicy Maple. An artisan syrup producer based out of Kitchener, Ontario.
We produce 20-30 bottles in late summer each year. Product available annually while supplies last. Enjoy!

Spicy Maple Syrup
Spicy Maple Syrup
Spicy Maple Syrup
Spicy Maple Syrup
Spicy Maple Syrup
Spicy Maple Syrup
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A pure infusion of Northern Sweetness with Southern Fire which creates a unique and unforgiving taste experience.

550 ml Bottle - which will last a long time as a little goes a long way.

A must have for any Canadian hot sauce lover!

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Spicy Syrup Testimonials

We're loving the Spicy maple syrup! Had it on chicken nuggets, pizza, and marinating meat! So very good :)

Victoria W

Mmmm good stuff. I'm all about that sweet heat !!!

Jeff F

It's not one of those bad heats, where it stays forever. You get the heat and then it's gone! Perfect!

Tyler W

Perfect for just about everything! My personal favourite is putting it on pizza.

Anthony B