Spicy Pizza Recipe

Spicy Pizza Recipe

If you like pineapple on pizza, you are our kind of people. Pallets with a propensity for sweet and savory tend to love adding Spicy Maple Syrup to their favourite slice.

Our recipe for your pizza date night below:

Step 1: Make the dough

You'll need yeast, water, flour, oil, salt, and sugar. Next you'll add your ingredients into a mixing bowl before quickly realizing you don't have a mixing bowl... and you have no idea why you thought you could make homemade dough in the first place.

Pull out the store bought premade dough out of the fridge. Oh, it looks like you actually needed to remove the dough earlier to let it sit. so.

Okay, now pull out the premade store bought pizza before realizing that you don't have a circular pizza pan and the pizza that you purchased is bigger than your cooking sheet so it hangs over the sides.

Finally, contact your favourite local pizzeria to order your pizza for delivery.

Step 2: Add Spicy Maple Syrup to your pizza.

And just like that, delicious spicy pizza.