The Taste Roller Coaster

The Taste Roller Coaster

Okay, so when we first heard about this combination from OG Spicy Maple fan Frankie... We too had our doubts.

After some extensive field testing; we can confirm that this is a must try.



1. Scoops of vanilla ice cream.

2. Add tolerable amount of Spicy Maple Syrup. (The more you put, the better the effect.)


This concoction is a taste sensation rollercoaster. It starts with the expected cool sweetness of ice cream and Maple syrup.

Then, slowly the heat of our hot peppers behind to creep in.

Soon, it feels like you have made a horrible mistake as the heart level begins to ramp up.

Thankfully you have the antidote right in front of you in the form of a spoonfull of ice cream.

Hallelujah. Icy salvation.

Until the familiar feeling of hour fire begins to ramp up again.

Up and down, round and round you will continue on this flavour rollercoaster.